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Re: IDL on FreeBSD

> I have modified the relevant shell scripts so that FreeBSD is
> recognised as Linux OS. On execution idl immediatly crashes with a
> Segmentation fault.  Other idl binaries such as idlde and lmstat
> which belong to the distribution do the same.  Linux compatibility
> is installed on my system and I believe nothing points to a missing
> library problem. Also I have used brandelf - without success.
> Interestingly idlhelp does work without problems. (It seems to be
> linked differently).
> I am new to FreeBSD. Does the Segmentation fault point towards a
> particular kind of problem in this case? Can I check explicitly for
> problems with libraries?

hi joerg,

i certainly do not know where your problem originates, but you still can
check against what is a program linked with the "ldd" command. care,
don't run it cross-platform. use the linux ldd for linux programs, all
in a "linux compatibility" environment.

then, i still wonder how did those scripts recognize the package as
FreeBSD, for the first thing!