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Re: Pretty-printing IDL code?

Peter Suetterlin wrote:
> In article <392282D6.E5443B29@mpipsykl.mpg.de>,
>         Benno Puetz <puetz@mpipsykl.mpg.de> writes:
> >> Does anyone here know a printing program that knows about the IDL
> >> syntax an can produce nice-looking printouts (e.g. grey comments, bold
> >> keywords etc.)?
> > EMACS + IDLWAVE mode
> Thanks, I'm using that already, BUT:
> Emacs just PostScript-Prints the (coloured) buffer, and that does not
> look very nice on a BW-printer....

You can change the faces emacs uses to fontify special sections of the code.
E.g. here I've changed the colors:

 	    (set-face-foreground        font-lock-comment-face  "FireBrick")
            (set-face-foreground        font-lock-string-face   "DarkOrchid")
            (set-face-foreground        font-lock-keyword-face  "DarkGreen")
            (set-face-foreground        font-lock-function-name-face    "Navy")
            (set-face-foreground        font-lock-variable-name-face "Magenta")
            (set-face-foreground        font-lock-reference-face 

Obviously, you'd prefer to use non-color options such as:

(make-face-bold font-lock-function-name-face)

but see make-face-bold-italic and all the other face editing commands


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