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Re: Pretty-printing IDL code?

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In article <8ftv7s$1eno$1@pukkie.phys.uu.nl>,
	pit@hst33127.phys.uu.nl (Peter Suetterlin) writes:
>   Hi group!
> Does anyone here know a printing program that knows about the IDL
> syntax an can produce nice-looking printouts (e.g. grey comments, bold
> keywords etc.)?
> I'm working on Unix, PostScript output would be preferred...

I've written an IDL filter for the very nice a2ps

It comes with the a2ps distribution.  I haven't updated 
the filter for quite awhile, but it will cover most of 
the IDL keywords and functions.  You can create a 
Postscript file with

    a2ps -E idl -o file.ps file.pro

a2ps has many other options available as well.



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