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Re: wrong bounding box

Ken Bowman (k-bowman@null.tamu.edu) writes:

> There is definitely something wrong with the way the bounding box is
> set when encapsulation is turned on.  All my axis labels on the left-most
> plots disappear when I turn encapsulation on.  Opening the file in 
> Illustrator shows that the bounding box is the problem.
> I'm using P.MULTI.  I'd rather not have to duplicate that function to
> position my plots when I turn encapsulation on.

Possibly. But I have hundreds of encapsulated PostScript
files in my book and not a one of them has the annotation
cut off. I'll see what I can find out.

You could set the outside margin with !P.Multi to give
yourself more room for the plots (!X.OMargin). Remember
that these units are character units. And save the defaults
or they are *very* hard to guess. :-)



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