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Re: circle plot symbol

refik@rsmas.miami.edu (Refik Orhun) writes:

> Hi Folks,
> First of all, you have quite an impressive news group.  
> Well, I Have a simple question.  How do I code a circle as a symbol in a
> plot ?  All the symbols in my plots so far are squares, diamonds and
> triangles, i.e. codes 2, 3, 4, etc...
> Can anybody tell me the number or code for a "simple circle" to use
> in PSYM= ?

I don't think a circle symbol exists, but I'm sure I will be
corrected.  You can use the following procedure to define a circle as
the "user" symbol, symbol 8.  You call it either as plain "circsym" or
as "circsym, /filled" to get a filled circle.  Then you can say,
"plot, ..., psym=8"

pro circsym, _EXTRA=extra
  usersym, cos(theta), sin(theta), _EXTRA=extra

I believe somebody has a big library of these kinds of user-defined

Good luck,

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