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runtime IDL, blocking widgets

As I understood now (after posting this question some time ago),
blocking of widgets behave like this:
A blocking base blocks when started 'from within' a nonblocking base.
the next blocking base started from within the blocking base did not
block any more. To get the blocking behaviour (i.e. xmanager did not
return till top level base is destroyed) you have to use modal bases.

So far so nice.
I have a program wich starts nonblocking (a), then starts a blocking
base (b) and from within this invokes another GUI program (c).

Now the problem: When I run this stuff in runtime IDL, it seems that
there are no non blocking bases. So the former blocking base (b) blocks
no longer.
But when I make (b) modal, I cannot use (c) anymore!

So is there a solution other than restructuring the program?
Can I get back the behaviour of interactive IDL in runtime IDL?
Is this a buck in runtime IDL?

:-) marc