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New FAQ host site needed

Hi all -

I've slowly eased my way out of IDL programming in the last year and am 
currently working in other fields. I haven't touched the FAQ in six 
months or so. Rather than let it die, I'd like to encourage someone to 
take it over. It is currently in a FileMaker 4 database, but there 
should not be any problems in reformatting it to something more 
suitable, such as Faq-O-Matic. I'll even reformat it and continue to 
host it if someone will actively care for and update it. Ideally, I'd 
like to see someone else host it, though.

Also, I replaced the OS on the server that used to run the FAQ over the 
weekend, so a new address has to be used to get to it. The following URL 
should work: <http://cascade.ivsoftware.com/FAQ/index.html>.

Please contact me directly since I rarely follow the newsgroup any more.

Mike Schienle                                 Interactive Visuals, Inc.
mgs@ivsoftware.com                  Remote Sensing and Image Processing
http://www.ivsoftware.com/         Analysis and Application Development