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Re: IDLgrClipboard and IDLgrPrinter: wrong vector output order ?

Nicolas Decoster (Nicolas.Decoster@Noveltis.fr) writes:

> I am trying to build home tools to draw some kind of personnal graphics.
> Once I have my pretty drawing on a IDLgrView displaying on a
> IDLgrWindow, I want to print it or include it in document. I decided to
> use IDLgrClipboard with the vector keywords of the Draw method for
> various reasons.
> The problem is that the IDLgrWindow::Draw method and the IDLgrClipboard
> one don't seem to use the same atomic object order to render the view.
> Here is a little code to illustrate my words:
> You see what I mean?
> Well, the question is: bug or... "strange feature"?

Oh, that is interesting. :-)

I vote for a bug, for sure. Will you report this to the
good folks at RSI?



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