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Special symbols... Postscript .vs. Hershey fonts

I have been generating some plots for a project, and initially I just used
the vector fonts to generate roughish plots for an internal report. I
eventually want to generate the same plots for use in a paper, so I would
in that case use the Postscript fonts.

My plots have labels on them for degrees ( as in the superscripted little
circle). Using the vector fonts I changed to the appropriate font (Font 9)
and used the prescribed keybinding for the degree symbol (%). This was

My problem was that when I went to use the Postscript fonts, (Symbol in
this case), there were only octal codes for each symbol, and I haven't
been able to figure out the correct syntax for specifying a particular
symbol in the context of a PLOT or XYOUTS command.

Thanks :)

Geoff Cureton   BSc(Hons) (Curtin) GAIP 
Remote Sensing and Satellite Research Group
Curtin University of Technology
email:  cureton@ses.curtin.edu.au