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Re: what does this error mean

Brad Gom (b_gom@hotmail.com) writes:

> What does this message mean:
> % Temporary variables are still checked out - cleaning up...

I usually see this when a student (not me, I've learned how
to type RETALL!) crashes a widget program. I can't reproduce
the error here, but I have the general impression that the
problem occurs somehow in XManager, which gets "stuck" with
its pants down, so to speak.  If you can't seem to get a 
widget program running again, this is almost always the
sort of error message you see when you finally get around
to typing "XManager" by itself to free everything up again.

> ie. what general type of problem causes this, so I can get an idea where
> to start looking?

The general type of problem is lousy widget programming. :-)

You can rest assured that you *don't* have to look in
the XManager code. I'd start with the last module you
were working on.

But this message really never occurs if you first remove
the broken widget program from the display with your mouse,
then type RETALL, then fix and recompile your program.
Not only will the widget program work now (we hope), but
major frustration will be held at bay.



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