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Re: what does this error mean

Brad Gom wrote:
> What does this message mean:
> % Temporary variables are still checked out - cleaning up...
> ie. what general type of problem causes this, so I can get an idea where
> to start looking?
> thanks

Generally it means that a system routine (either an internal IDL one, or
a user added one) has aborted before it returned all its temporary
back to the pool.

System routines can allocate temporary variables for internal use. These
temporaries should either be returned back to the pool before the
returns, or passed back as the return value of a function. When control
passes back to the interpreter it cleans up any temporaries which are
in use and issues this message.

It's not really anything you should worry about, unless the system
which is not returning the temporaries is one you have written.

If you want to learn more about temporaries there is a section about
in the External Development Guide (look for "temporary variables" in the

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