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Re: what does this error mean

David Fanning wrote:
Brad Gom (b_gom@hotmail.com) writes:

> What does this message mean:
> % Temporary variables are still checked out - cleaning up...

I usually see this when a student (not me, I've learned how
to type RETALL!) crashes a widget program. I can't reproduce
the error here, but I have the general impression that the
problem occurs somehow in XManager,

I think the 'problem' is more general and depends on how IDL handles the memory usage
(see 'IDL internal' section of the EDG).
let's see if I understand how IDL works ;o)
since the user can create/modify run-time a variable - all the memory allocations ara dynamic - there must be a mechanism to prevent the lost of memory etc (typical problem of a C-coder).
when your message appears, IDL is checking for not delivered memory and try to free it (but why more that one time? I obtain it at each executed line. Maybe the check is done at each interpreted line?).
the message appears until IDL exits from the procedure/function at which the 'memory problem' appears. In fact, going up to the caller/main, all the memory used by the 'called' is automatically delivered.
I have your message when I use DLM, and I forget to free memory or if I have a temporary variable to be passed back to IDL.
What does RSINC tell about it?

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