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CALL_EXTERNAL and Fortran under Linux

Hi all,
	I'm trying to get up to speed with calling
external routines in IDL, since I've got a lot of
fortran code that I'd like to use, but I want to be 
able to easily plot the results, etc.

   I've been through the examples in my IDL 5.2
distribution, and I see that the Fortran examples
in the Makefile all give the message:

   "NOT Implemented for example: f77"

Has anyone successfully called external fortran 
routines under Linux IDL, and if so, would you
be willing to provide an example of compiler
flags used, C wrapper subroutine (if needed), etc.?

If not, I'll forge ahead and post the results
when/if I figure it out.

I'm using the egcs (i.e. GNU gcc/g77) compiler 
under Redhat Linux.

Thanks in advance,

Eric Jensen
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Swarthmore College