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Re: Curvefit on PV-Wave

R. Kyle Justice (rkj@dukebar.crml.uab.edu) writes:

> Does anyone have a *PV-Wave* routine that will perform a non-linear
> least squares fit?  Apparently I am not the only one unhappy with
> the standard CURVEFIT function; I have seen a number of IDL routines
> that would probably give the desired results.
> Maybe I should port these to PV-Wave?  This appears to be somewhat
> involved however.

This is a totally uninformed opinion, of course, but
I should have thought the porting would be a slam-dunk. 



P.S. Let's just say I doubt if the +, -, *, and / operators
have changed much from when IDL and PV-Wave were the same thing. :-)

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