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Re: xinteranimate

Brian McNoldy (mcnoldy@cira.colostate.edu) writes:

> Has anyone ever experienced a memory limitation using XINTERANIMATE or
> CW_ANIMATE?  I would like to load a large volume of data... but after
> loading about 260-290Mb of it, the frame loading ceases for no apparent
> reason.  There is still plenty of RAM left, but the program just stops.
> It complains about not being to create a pixmap.  Does the z-buffer have
> some deep-rooted memory limitation?

A pixmap is not the Z-buffer (in fact, the Z-buffer is sometimes
used as a way around these limitations).

I don't know about Windows 2000, but I suspect it may work
like Windows NT. Here is part of a communication to me 
about this very topic from someone who is exceptionally reliable 
about these things:

  Under NT, device dependent pixmaps are allocated against the
  video driver.  The video driver can choose to place them on the
  card or in system RAM.  This is driver dependent.  Now, under NT
  (unlike the Mac and Unix) driver graphics resources cannot page
  so you are limited to system memory no matter what (virtual
  memory cannot be used for these pixmaps).  

I suspect you are running into a driver limitation.



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