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Standalone executables (was Origin of IDL)

> I think we'll be ok. (Damn, I'm gonna get flamed for sure!)
> You certainly are, you forgot the compilation to fully standalone
> executables! ;-)

The closest we may ever get...

FROM RSI:  Right to Distribute

Do you have IDL programs that you want to give or sell to others who 
don't use IDL? If so, read on about the options Research Systems 
provides for distributing IDL applications. 

   There are two distribution methods: IDL Runtime and the IDL 
   Unlimited Right to Distribute option.

IDL Runtime lets you buy distribution licenses one at a time, paying a 
fee for each license. IDL Runtime is the best method for distributing 
your programs to a small number of people. People with IDL Runtime on 
their systems can run any program compiled as an IDL save (.sav) file.

If you want to distribute an application to many people, the Unlimited 
Right to Distribute option is recommended. With the Unlimited Right to 
Distribute, you license into your application prior to distribution. 
When your colleague or customer receives the application, they install 
and run it, without any further validation. 

For more information about distributing your IDL applications, contact 
your Research Systems sales representative directly, or send email to 

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