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Re: Gridding options

Ben Tupper wrote:
> (Sorry, JD, it does have loopity-loops.  You can flick a worm into the
> air... but that doesn't mean it knows how to fly!  I'm still trying to
> figure out what .....
tt=total(a[(((dy=((di=lindgen(((n=nx<ny)),nx+ny-1)))/n))*(nx gt ny?1:nx)+ $
              (nx gt ny?1:-1)*((dx=di mod n))*(nx-1))>0<(nx*ny-1)]* $
           (dy ge dx AND (dy-dx) lt nx>ny),1)
> means.   Maybe I need to drink less/more coffee. )

It's written in an ancient IDL runic language lost in the dark ages (1993). 
Simply run it on an array "a" after defining the dimensions "nx" and "ny" and
all will be clear.


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