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Re: reading dem

Craig Markwardt (craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu) writes:

> The documentation is here:
> http://rockyweb.cr.usgs.gov/nmpstds/demstds.html

First of all, I appreciate this gentle advice and
pointer. This is something I've wondered about to.
Thanks, Craig.

Second, I realize this isn't the place to be asking
dumb-ass questions, but you folks are s-o-o-o smart. :-)

Does anyone know why, when I click on an Adobe Acrobat
File (like the one at the link above), that the Adobe Acrobat
Reader 4.0 starts up in my Windows Internet Explorer 5.0
browser and *always* shows me a blank page. :-(

I've reinstalled Explorer. I've reinstalled the Reader.
I've kicked the dog, cursed my lot in life, etc. But
all to no avail. If I download the Acrobat file,
then open the Reader, then open the downloaded file
all is well. It's a mystery.



P.S. I *tried* to install Linux and the Corel Linux
CD-ROM froze half-way through the installation with
one OS in shreds and the other partly installed. Now
all I have is a new paperweight. The installer
reports a "problem". Ho-boy. :-(

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