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Re: reading dem

I'll guess Explorer is the culprit; try with Netscape...
Consider yourself lucky to have a brand new paperweight on your desk;
parerweight are lot more useful than a boat anchor on your desk.....

ps: I really appreciate your site and advise; its been about a mounth
now I follow this group to get "immersed" into idl problem and I realize
now that "getting started" with idl is lot more difficult than expected.
So, being able to rely on a group like this whith peoples like you help
to feel less anxious. So thanks for your work, and thanks to all of the
others who share some insight.

Sylvain Carette
VRML designer-composer

David Fanning wrote:

> Craig Markwardt (craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu) writes:
> > The documentation is here:
> > http://rockyweb.cr.usgs.gov/nmpstds/demstds.html
> First of all, I appreciate this gentle advice and
> pointer. This is something I've wondered about to.
> Thanks, Craig.
> Second, I realize this isn't the place to be asking
> dumb-ass questions, but you folks are s-o-o-o smart. :-)
> Does anyone know why, when I click on an Adobe Acrobat
> File (like the one at the link above), that the Adobe Acrobat
> Reader 4.0 starts up in my Windows Internet Explorer 5.0
> browser and *always* shows me a blank page. :-(
> I've reinstalled Explorer. I've reinstalled the Reader.
> I've kicked the dog, cursed my lot in life, etc. But
> all to no avail. If I download the Acrobat file,
> then open the Reader, then open the downloaded file
> all is well. It's a mystery.
> Thanks,
> David
> P.S. I *tried* to install Linux and the Corel Linux
> CD-ROM froze half-way through the installation with
> one OS in shreds and the other partly installed. Now
> all I have is a new paperweight. The installer
> reports a "problem". Ho-boy. :-(
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