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Re: what happened to time/date functions?

In article <MPG.14198bc9d020ee9989c19@news.frii.com>,
  davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) wrote:
> Mirko Vukovic (mvukovic@taz.telusa.com) writes:
> > I'm runing idl 5.3.1 on windows nt, and cannot access
> > the time and date functions introduced in 5.1.
> >
> > Am I on the correct planet, or have I missed something?.
> No, Mirko, you've been in a time warp. Those things
> disappeared in IDL 5.2. Not Y2K compatible, I guess. :-)
> Check out the Label_Date function. And there are some
> neat new things in IDL 5.4 (a TimeGen function, for
> example). I think most everyone though is using the
> date/time functions available on either the Johns
> Hopkins Applied Physics Lab or NASA Astronomy ftp
> sites.


hm, I saw nothing in the list of obsolete routines.
Thanks for the pointer to the other libraries.  As for
5.4, well, some of us are mere mortals :-)

have a good weekend


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