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Re: PLOT question

Stuart Colley (src@star.ucl.ac.uk) writes:

> I have some data that is periodic, y=f(t) and the data is plotted as
> plot, t, y  The problem is I'd like t to plot phase angle rather than
> time, the problem being the phase angle is between 0 and 1 and repeats.
> Attempting to plot the data you just get a plot between 0 and 1, what I'd
> like to be able to plot is each cycle of the data with it's phase angle.
> Any ideas on how to get the plot axes right?

If you are just looking for ideas, why not use the
plot you have but add the phase angle as a symbol
on the plot? You could have a filled circle for
a phase angle of 1, a half-filled circle for a
phase angle of 0.5, etc.

Shouldn't be too hard to come up with something
like that. :-)


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