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Re: PLOT question

Maybe a small example will be of help - hopefully it will be a bit clearer
than my first message.  Imagine a periodic signal (sin wave for example)
and we are plotting more than one cycle, Normally the signal would be
plotted as a function of time, e.g:

y value |                
        |       x                   x     
        |  x         x          x        x     
    __ _|__________________x__________________x_____
time    |  0    1    2     3    4   5    6    7  etc...

What I want to do is swap time for phase angle, so the phase is
somewhere between 0 - 2pi, but the problem is that the phase angle
repeats,  so what I was looking for on the axis was something

y value |
        |       x                   x        
        | x          x          x          x           x  
time    | 0   pi/2   pi  3pi/2  0  pi/2   pi   3pi/2   0  etc...

               end of first cycle, start of second

What I'll probably do is use xtickv and xtickname to set the ticks, since
as far as I can tell, you MUST 'plot, t, y' to get the plot right, 
'plot, phase, y' results in the data being merged together and only one
cycle being plotted.

The reason I sent the first post - I was wondering if there was an easier
way than xtickv/xtickname since it can't automatically choose the tick
values like PLOT can, and isn't so flexible when I'm trying to write a
general purpose routine.  Time for some more code I think....