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Re: MPFIT/MPFIT2DFUN (Markwardt)


The function MPFIT2DFUN is designed to fit gridded 2-dimensional data,
ie an image.

However, the task you are asking, a scalar function of two variables,
is not very hard to do with the standard MPFITFUN.  I even cover it as
a frequently asked question on my web page (hint, hint...).

What you want to do is make a *single*, *two*-dimensional independent
variable consisting of both your X and Y data.  MPFITFUN doesn't care
that your independent variable is of different dimension than the
dependent variable.  Your new independent variable would be
constructed like this:

  XY = [[X],[Y]]

You would call MPFITFUN with XY as your independent variable, and Z as
your dependent variable.  You need to make sure that your user
function can split this independent data array apart:

function myfunc, xy, p
  x = xy(*,0)
  y = xy(*,1)
  ... continue with calculations ...

Good luck,

endobeck@my-deja.com writes:

> I have one-dimensional x, y, and z arrays, with x & y being positions
> (independent variables), and z being an array of dependent variable
> values. All 3 arrays have the same number of elements.
> I'd like to fit a function of two variables (a plane) to the
> data, and I've been trying to use MPFIT2DFUN. It seems I have to make
> the x & y arrays into 2-d arrays, but I am not clear as to why or how.
> Can someone fill me in?
> Cheers,
> Eli
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