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Re: beguinner's question

  You can save plots to a postscript file, (set_plot,'ps' then call
  device,keywords = values to configure the postscript device with
  keywords xsize, ysize, xoffset, yoffset, bits_per_pixel, filename,
  color, inches, encapsulated and landscape: I think that's all of
  them) but if you are representing your data as an image of some
  sort, i.e. you're doing a TV or TVSCL to put the data into your
  plot, it won't save you all that much, particularly in the size of
  the file. If you're using plot,oplot or plots to get the data onto
  the plot, you'll benefit from using the Postscript device.

  See David Fanning's tutorial on making postscript plots. 


  He has a very nice program called PS_FORM.pro (although he recently
  seemed to want to disavow any knowledge of it, I think it's quite
  good) that you can use to configure your Postscript device by
  presenting a widget in which all the pertinent keywords are
  configurable, although it may not work in IDL 5.2, you'll just have
  to give it a try and see.

"David" <dgallego@eucmos.sim.ucm.es> writes:

> Hi all.
> I'm working with IDL 5.2 (PC) plotting maps of geographical variables
> (pressure, etc.). I would like to know if it is possible to save the
> graphical output to a vectorial file (such as EPS, Illustrator, WMF).
> Currently I can save the work in TIFF or JPG.
> Thanks in advance.
> David
> Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

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