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Re: IDLv5.4 (SAVE bug?)

In article <MPG.14b3bd1a7e5de2f1989cd3@news.frii.com>,
  davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) wrote:
> Saved data should definitely be compatible. If structure
> definitions change from one version to another, there
> could be minor problems. Have you tried setting the
> RELAXED_STRUCTURE_DEFINITION keyword when you restore?

I think the problem is more fundamental than this.   Here is an example
where I cannot restore a single scalar variable saved in V5.4, if I use
V5.3 on the same (Solaris) machine.

I presume this is a bug in IDL V5.4 (and another reason to hold off
until V5.4.1?)   If the save file format has changed, then presumably
there should be an /OLD keyword to allow one to write variables that can
be read by earlier versions of IDL.

--Wayne Landsman                         landsman@mpb.gsfc.nassa.gov

mpb{landsman}172: idl
IDL Version 5.4 (sunos sparc). (c) 2000, Research Systems, Inc.
IDL> a =3
IDL> save,a, /verbose
% SAVE: Portable (XDR) SAVE/RESTORE file.
% SAVE: Saved variable: A.
IDL> exit

mpb{landsman}924: idl53
IDL Version 5.3 (sunos sparc). (c) 1999, Research Systems, Inc.

IDL> restore,/ver
% RESTORE: Portable (XDR) SAVE/RESTORE file.
% RESTORE: Save file written by landsman@mpb, Wed Dec 27 12:02:16 2000.
% RESTORE: IDL version 5.4 (sunos, sparc).
% RESTORE: Unexpected item code found in save file.
IDL> help,a
A               UNDEFINED = <Undefined>

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