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Re: IDLv5.4 (SAVE bug?)

Wayne Landsman (landsman@my-deja.com) writes:

> I think the problem is more fundamental than this.   Here is an example
> where I cannot restore a single scalar variable saved in V5.4, if I use
> V5.3 on the same (Solaris) machine.
> I presume this is a bug in IDL V5.4 (and another reason to hold off
> until V5.4.1?)   If the save file format has changed, then presumably
> there should be an /OLD keyword to allow one to write variables that can
> be read by earlier versions of IDL.

I think you are right, Wayne. I confirm this behavior
on my Windows NT machine. I know that the people who
work on this are adamant that saved data files be
backwards compatible. This certainly looks like a bug
to me.

Do you have plans to confirm this with RSI?



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