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Re: problem with reading formated file

Pavel Eiges wrote:
> Hello!
> i'm new in IDL programming so my question may be very
> dumb/simple/funny/etc but i cant solve this problem by myself.
> i have a formated file like this:
> ===========================
>    1877383765    1.778
>    1877384765    1.685
>    1877385765    1.599
>    1877386765    1.599
>    1877387765    1.685
> ===========================
> and i need to load it into two arrays. the first array is LONG-type,
> the second one - FLOAT-type. How i can do this?
> ("READF, file, Time, Data" does not work).
> %-\ HELP!
> Pavel Eiges

You must specify a format='(...)' statement with the READF command. In 
your case thi swoul dbe something like 

READF,file, time, data, format='(3X,i10,f9.3)'

Also, because time is a long variable, you may have to assign it to a
long value before you call READF, e.g. time=0L (well, you don't have to:
IDL converts it into a float if you don't. But this way you can save it
as a long variable if you like to).


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