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Re: axis handling - wishlist

Martin Schultz wrote:

> Hello (especially to people from RSI if they are sneeking in),
>    today I finally got around to take a closer look at the IDL axis
> handling and spend some thoughts on what I would wish to see in a future
> release of IDL. Maybe one or the other of you would like to comment or

Well, since we're on the subject and it seems to be a slow day on the
one thing regarding axis drawing I've always been curious about is why the
tick labels
and axis titles get drawn backwards when you rotate a figure (I encountered
it with xsurface,
rotated through 225 degrees about the z axis).  I can't really imagine a
time where you'd want
them drawn backwards, but then I've never been known for my imagination,

Anyone know why it's done this way, and maybe even how to avoid it?