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Re: IDL (and others) fails on 6.5.10f

In article <92tpu8$74r$1@canopus.cc.umanitoba.ca>,
Walter Roberson <roberson@ibd.nrc.ca> wrote:
:We have found an IRIX 6.5.10(f) error that renders some applications
:[e.g., RSI's IDL] nearly useless.

:*Do not upgrade to 6.5.10f if you need IDL*

:More specifically, the IRIX bug has to do with using
:brk() or sbrk() to return memory to IRIX.

This problem was new to SGI, but they have isolated the problem
and found a work-around already. To get around this problem,
remove the eoe.sw.jlimits subsystem, autoconfig, and reboot.

[Note: be sure to do the  autoconfig  yourself, as IRIX does not
automatically notice the removal of the kernel object file.]

So, if you do not need job limits, then you should be able to
use IDL on IRIX 6.5.10f.