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Re: Data Acquisition Options in IPL...

RandyStack wrote:
> Is anyone doing real-time data acquisition in IPL?  RSinc mentioned that there
> was a way to stream data in via TCP/IP, but I'd also be interested in
> processing "live" data from an A/D converter for audio input, or a frame buffer
> or USB camera for image.  IPL has all the processing and analysis capabilities
> I need, but I need something more than static file I/O...as my app involves
> spectral analysis, filtering and resynthesis for audio and video I/O.  Also,
> I'm looking for a way to get post-processing audio out of IPL.  Anyone working
> with real-time I/O?
> Thanks,
> ~Randy
> P.S. I'm running IPL on a G4 Mac.

Now that you mention RSInc I am actually beginning to think you are
refering to IDL in the end... I am not using any hardware aquisition
myself, but I know of at least one application: the LIDAR group at
NASA Langley do their data aquisition directly in IDL. I guess the key
is to get familiar with the interface between IDL and C or FORTRAN
(CALL_EXTERNAL or LINKIMAGE) and write/adapt the hardware driver in C
or FORTRAN. Once you have your data in an IDL variable, the rest can
be seen even from an IDL demo version.


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