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Re: IDL 5.3, Trouble with Laptop under Linux, using TrueColor

Reinhard Stepanek wrote:
> I'm Using IDL 5.3 under Linux RedHat 6.2 (Helix-Gnome Desktop)
> To plot in a window it is necessary to set
> set_plot, 'x'
> device, decompressed=0
> But this causes me to use TrueColor, which is supported by the graphic chip
> of my Latop (a ACER 510T), but not in accalerated mode.
> Also some programs, such as Acrobat Reader 4.x "don't like" TrueColor under
> Linux and crashes.

Are you sure it's the fault of TrueColor/acroread and not some fault in
X driver? I use TrueColor and acroread 4.0 without problems on my
laptop, also 
running RH6.2. 

I am running XFree86 4.0 (no choice, there is no driver for the Rage
chip in 3.3.6). Maybe this could be the difference.

> Does anyone know a solution or workaround for this problem?
> Plotting only in a PS-file is a workaround, but not very useful for my
> needings. ;-)
> --
> Reinhard

One solution is to start up a second X server running in 8 bit
PseudoColor for
IDL graphics. This would entail switching between servers for your IDL
"normal" displays. It's a solution I have used when I've needed an 8 bit 
display and have not wanted to restart the X server.

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