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Re: string manipulation

Craig Markwardt wrote:
> I have been thinking about the following problem, but have been pretty
> frustrated.
> I have input keyword/value strings of the following form.  People may
> recognize this from a FITS file.
> TTYPE2  = 'X1LSpecPcu0'        / X1LSpecPcu0 : Histogram
> TUNIT2  = 'count   '
> 1CTYP2  = 'CHANNEL '
> 1CPIX2  = '0~4,5:53,(54~135;2),(136~237;3),(238~249;4),250~255'
> 12CD2A  = 1.25
> ^name^^   ^value^^^^^^^
> All of the keyword names have a trailing "2" which indicates that they
> are describing column number 2 in a FITS table.  Note that in the name
> "12CD2A", only the *final* 2 refers to the column number.
> The interesting question happens when I want to change the column
> number, say from "2" to "50".  Is there a straightforward way to do
> this in "vectoral" sort of way?
> I am able to find the string positions of the 2's, so that's not
> really a problem.  I do this by making a byte array of the strings,
> and blanking out any alphabetic characters and any leading numeric
> characters.  Here I appreciate STRPOS is (partially) vectorized.
> However, when it comes to resubstituting the "50" back in, that's when
> I get stymied.  This is primarily because STRMID and STRPUT are not
> vectorized at all.  Well STRMID *is* vectorized, but not with a sane
> behavior.  For example, what I'd like to do is:
> NEWKEY = STRMID(KEY,0,P1) + '50' + STRMID(KEY,P2,100)
> Where KEY, P1, and P2 are vectors.  Obviously this doesn't work.  Any
> ideas?

I was going to come up with something using histogram, but I figured I'd
be pressing my luck.  I would probably use a loop and the
sx{add,del,}par.pro routines from the nasalib.  FITS has lots of rules
about keyword length, total line length, etc.  Best to waste some cycles
and make sure it's done right.

Good luck,