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Re: IDLgrLegend geometry

George Constantinides (gconstantinides@mhl.nsw.gov.au) writes:

> I was resizing an IDLgrWindow object and noticed that objects such as
> IDLgrAxis, IDLgrPlot,IDLgrText resized correctly to fit the new
> dimensions, but IDLgrLegend did not.
> This topic has been discussed in the past but with the demise of the
> DejaNews news group database, I could not find any references.
> So here is a work around that works well on the screen (IDLgrWindow) but
> when you send the View to another output object such as IDLgrPrinter,
> the fixed geometry of IDLgrLegend becomes a problem again.

Humm. It's pretty clear that the author of IDLgrLegend
was *trying* to solve this problem in the ComputeDimensions
method. Have you tried using this when you resize or change
to another destination device? It looks to me like this
would solve all your problems, although I confess I've
never used IDLgrLegend.


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