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Re: limiting the CPU time allowed

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On 26/02/01, 22:17:59, "A. Roubicek" <aro@cdc.noaa.gov> wrote regarding 
limiting the CPU time allowed:

> Hi all,

> I'm trying to find a way to limit the CPU time an IDL process can
> take (on unix, running from cron), to prevent clugging the system
> with runaway processes. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

> Thank you,
> A.R.

As Craig mentioned you can set per-process CPU limits (for sh/ksh the
command is ulimit, BTW).

Alternatively you might consider installing a batch system such as GNQS 
(which should be free, it's covered by the GNU GPL) and then set up batch 
queues with time limits to process your IDL (and anything else you want 
have processed in the background).

Of course, a batch system may be total overkill for your requirements;
I just thought I'd throw the suggestion into the discussion.

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