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Re: IDLgrLegend geometry

Mark Hadfield (m.hadfield@niwa.cri.nz) writes:
> This business of being an IDL guru is very hard, what with making yourself
> look silly all the time and having people tell you your code is broken. I
> think I'll take a breather. How do you manage it, David?

I've had a lot of practice, being married to a woman who
is very good at puncturing overinflated egos. :-(



P.S. I have to tell you, though, I am relishing
the thought of Carol coming home tonight. She has
been named the Distinguished Teacher of the Year at 
her school. And we are all hard at work writing glowing 
letters of recommendation to be included in a big scrapbook
that will be presented to Carol at a big-deal
dinner in a couple of weeks.

I took mine over to the school where Carol has taught
for 12+ years today and handed it to the lady in the 
front office. "Hi, can I leave this for Carol Seemueller, 
please," I asked.

"Who is Carol Seemueller?", she replied.

I can't wait to tell Carol that story. It will make
up for 100's of stories like that she tells about me. :-)

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