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Re: MPEG and IDL 5.4

"Rick Towler" <rtowler@u.washington.edu> wrote in message
> After using the new and improved MPEG features in 5.4 I suggest brewing
> own animation.  The improvements are much appreciated but the MPEG
> compression scheme isn't really designed for the types of animations
> from within IDL.

Hear hear

> Try it, if you are unhappy with the results write a PNG image for each
> and use a program to string them together.  I have used videomach on
> (a shareware program) to create .avi files with great success but there
> many other programs that can do this.

My favourite delivery format for animations is FLC.

I have written a WWW page with a few notes on the pros & cons of different
animation formats. The page is a bit sketchy but if you want to read it, see


Mark Hadfield
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