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Re: widget_control from call_external

dominic@work.com (dominic@work.com) writes:

>   I have a c/c++ programme that is called from within a 
>   widget hierachy via call_external.
>   As the computations made take fairly long, I want to update 
>   a status bar with a 'Percentage complete' from the C-routine,
>   so the user doesn't get upset and thinks the programme died 
>   on him/her.
>   How do I go about that???

Well, this will be difficult unless your can call your
C program in "chunks", or in some other way interrupt
it. It might be easier if you just know, in general,
how long it takes. Then you can set a "kitchen timer"
sort of progress indicator. As long as the cake is
baked by the time the timer goes off, no one seems
to care. :-)

You can see several ways to build such a progress
indicator here:



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