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Re: thumbnails

steve (nobody@nowhere.com) writes:

> Does anyone know how to produce *.eps files with thumbnails (in IDL 5.x)?

IDL 5.4 has some new keywords for producing a PostScript preview
image: PRE_XSIZE, PRE_YSIZE, PRE_DEPTH. These are suppose to
allow you to create a preview, or thumbnail, image of a particular

I just tried it with a screen snapshot:

   snapshot = TVRD(True=1)
   Set_Plot, 'PS'
   Device, /Encapsulate, /Preview, Pre_XSize=100, Pre_YSize=100, $
      Pre_Depth=8, Color=1
   TV, snapshot, True=1
   Device, /Close_File

IDL went away for 5-6 several seconds while the file was written.
But the resulting file was over 17 MBytes in size!

I think I'm going to stick to the tried and true way of
adding preview images in GhostView. :-(


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