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Re: thumbnails

In article <MPG.150845c01328cd21989d75@news.frii.com>,
David Fanning <davidf@dfanning.com> wrote:
>steve (nobody@nowhere.com) writes:
>> Does anyone know how to produce *.eps files with thumbnails (in IDL 5.x)?
>IDL 5.4 has some new keywords for producing a PostScript preview
>image: PRE_XSIZE, PRE_YSIZE, PRE_DEPTH. These are suppose to
>allow you to create a preview, or thumbnail, image of a particular

>I think I'm going to stick to the tried and true way of
>adding preview images in GhostView. :-(

David, is this a Windows GhostView feature?  I don't see any options like 
this in the *nix versions.  This is what you use to put postscript into 
Powerpoint and the like presentations, isn't it?  I've heard that in 
powerpoint, you can't see a preview of the postcript plot while you are 
constructing the presentation, and can only see it during full display.

Anyone have tricks to get the two to programs to work better together?  
(Thinking about thesis/job talks for next year... *sigh*)

Thanks, Dirk