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Re: thumbnails

David Fanning (davidf@dfanning.com) writes:
> I just tried it with a screen snapshot:
>    snapshot = TVRD(True=1)
>    Set_Plot, 'PS'
>    Device, /Encapsulate, /Preview, Pre_XSize=100, Pre_YSize=100, $
>       Pre_Depth=8, Color=1
>    TV, snapshot, True=1
>    Device, /Close_File
> IDL went away for 5-6 several seconds while the file was written.
> But the resulting file was over 17 MBytes in size!

Whoops! Of course, I should have set the Preview keyword to
2, instead of 1. Now the delay is more on the order or 20
seconds and the file is over 24 MBytes in size. :-)



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