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Re: thumbnails

Reimar Bauer (r.bauer@fz-juelich.de) writes:

> Oh David,
> why would you like to have a preview of about 100cm x 100cm.
> I believe the units are cm or am I wrong?

Whoops! Of course. The documentation didn't mention
anything about units so, naturally, I just assumed
DEVICE coordinates. I should have known better. :-(

So this works well:

IDL> set_plot, 'ps'
IDL> device, /encap, /color, pre_xsize=1, pre_ysize=1, /inches, $
IDL>    Pre_depth=8, file='test.eps', preview=2
IDL> tvimage, snap
IDL> device, /close

Takes a fraction of a second, and produces a 1 inch by
1 inch preview image that shows up nicely if I try to
import it into Powerpoint. 

Interestingly, the thumbnail doesn't show up if
I am looking at the thumbnail view with the File
Manager. File size is under 1 MByte.

Sorry for the confusion. :-)



P.S. Let's just say I still feel partial to the
GhostView "Add EPS Preview..." button, even though
that thumbnail doesn't show up either with the 
brain dead File Manager. But IDL is getting closer... :-)

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