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Problem with display of WIDGET_SLIDER max value

Has anyone else experienced this:

I use a slider widget originally set with the following properties:

wSliceSelSldr = WIDGET_SLIDER(wMBaseC2, VALUE=1, TITLE='Slice',$
                  UVALUE='wSliceSel',MAXIMUM=2,MINIMUM=1, $

Later in the code, as I add more slices to my draw widget, I need to update
the slider widget like:

WIDGET_CONTROL, (*pState).wSliceSelSldr, SET_VALUE=3

Minimum value stays at 1.

Problem is, as soon as I hit 10 for max value, the number displayed on the
screen is corrupted and you can hardly make it out.
It's as if the display size for the number was set originally based on max
value of 2, and now the widget does not allow the size of the number to
increase on the display ? Any workarounds