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Re: SPAWN command bug

I would also like to add that putting white spaces in the path is not the culprit. In case 1, everything works fine, even with the space in "program files".


"LUH WILLIAM" <luhw@ecf.utoronto.ca> wrote in message Pine.SGI.3.96.1010528115530.104942202A-100000@skule.ecf">news:Pine.SGI.3.96.1010528115530.104942202A-100000@skule.ecf...
Hi, I'm having trouble with using really long commands with spawn. Here's
an example:

strCommand = '"c:\program files\spectral\spec.exe" ' + $
             string(x) + ' ' + string(y) + ' "' + strOutput + '"'

where x = 25, y = 25 for example

Now call Spawn, strCommand:

Case 1:
for strOutput = '.\OUT\output.dat', everything works fine.

Case 2:
for strOutput =
'c:\program files\spectral\develop\debug exe\output\first\output.dat', I
this error message:

% XMANAGER: Caught unexpected error from client application. Message
% SPAWN: Error executing spawn command.
  A device attached to the system is not functioning.

There appears to be no problem with SPAWN in case 1, and after I quit case
2, I can still call SPAWN without any complaints. I suspect it's because
the command string strCommand is too long, since for shorter strOutput it
works, however after reading the help for SPAWN, I did not find anything
about a limit on the string length of command. Are there any workarounds
to this problem?