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Re: how to set path?

Thank you.
All the other files are in the same directory with sav file. How to get the
path? I try to use
path=FILEPATH('test.pro'), to get the full path,
but failed. Are there any some function to do this?

"Michael W Asten" <masten@mail.earth.monash.edu.au> wrote in message
> I had a similar problem recently, to do with use of sav files.
> When you make a sav file with save, /all     , the path is also saved.
When the
> sav file is read on another computer, the path in the sav file becomes the
> replacing whatever path you might think the new computer has.  This can
> rise to the "sometimes works, sometimes does not" problem.  Check the path
> the command
> print, !path and see if it what it is meant to be.
> Regards,
> Michael Asten