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Re: how to set path?

"web" <jiali3@21cn.com> wrote:
> Thank you.
> All the other files are in the same directory with sav file. How to get the
> path? I try to use
> path=FILEPATH('test.pro'), to get the full path,
> but failed. Are there any some function to do this?

I use the following code to determine the location of a .sav file
(courtesy of a source within RSI):

 HELP, CALLS = calls
 thisroutine = (STRSPLIT(calls[0], ' ', /EXTRACT))[0]
 source = ROUTINE_INFO(thisroutine, /SOURCE)
 CASE STRUPCASE(!version.os_family) of
        'WINDOWS' : dirsep = '\'
        'UNIX' : dirsep = '/'
        'MACOS' : dirsep = ':'
        'VMS' : dirsep = ']'
        ELSE : dirsep = ''
 path = STRMID(source.path, 0, STRPOS(source.path, dirsep, /REVERSE_SEARCH))

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