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Re: Tab size in IDLDE

In article <3B058613.289BDF6B@noaa.gov>, "Pavel A. Romashkin"
<pavel.romashkin@noaa.gov> wrote:

> Hi,
> I guess this would be a question to Thierry. If I change the default
> editor font, then the size of the tab in the editor windows is large and
> independent of what I tell it tbe in the Preferences. Is there a fix for this?
> I use 5.4 on a G4.
> Thank you,
> Pavel

Hi Pavel,

Just got back from WWDC so I'm catching up here.

This is a bug in the new editor, I screwed up the editor tab settings in
5.4. The fix will be in 5.5.

This has caused people a lot of grief and I'd like to apologize for the problem.

Thierry Faucounau
Research Systems, Inc.