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Re: Multiple surface plotting

Hi Paul,

"Paul van Delst" <paul.vandelst@noaa.gov> wrote...

> If OG can produce the pretty pictures in less time, great! Where do I
> start? :o)

Just a few days back (May 25) I wrote a reply on this topic "Re: Object
Graphics newbie question", I'll just quote a bit of it here. If you just
want to drop some objects in 3-space, find the right view and print (or
export to image or VRML), the IDL example program XObjView works very

Here's an example of how easy XObjView is to use (code example attached
to this message as .pro file... hope it works for you):

m=obj_new('IDLgrSurface', Dist(30), Color=[255,0,255], Style=2, $
          Shading=1, Name='Wide Magenta Surface')
g=obj_new('IDLgrSurface', Dist(10)*5, Color=[0,255,0], Style=2, $
          Shading=1, Name='Tall Green Surface')


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Calgary, Alberta, Canada     / +1-403-242-7398 / Fax: 241-7392

begin 666 ex0.pro
M-2PP+#(U-5TL(%-T>6QE/3(L("0-"B @(" @(" @("!3:&%D:6YG/3$L($YA
M=7)F86-E)RP@1&ES="@Q,"DJ-2P@0V]L;W(]6S L,C4U+#!=+"!3='EL93TR
M+" D#0H@(" @(" @(" @4VAA9&EN9STQ+"!.86UE/2=486QL($=R965N(%-U