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Re: IDL 5.4 and MacOS 9.1 Problem solved

I run IDL 5.4 on a Beige G3 266Mhz, still with the ADB keyboard. I have
system 9.1 in french...IDL starts very fast (just timed it at 3 seconds),
and the computer is also on a network. You might have a conflict with some
startup extension?

> De : JD Smith <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu>
> Société : Cornell University
> Groupes : comp.lang.idl-pvwave
> Date : Thu, 31 May 2001 11:20:49 -0400
> Objet : Re: IDL 5.4 and MacOS 9.1 Problem solved
> Dominik Paul wrote:
>> It really seems to be the computer itself. We just tried it on an other
>> computer an it was really fast.
>> Dom
>> "Dominik Paul News" <dpaul@ukl.uni-freiburg.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
>> 9f2829$u3$1@n.ruf.uni-freiburg.de">news:9f2829$u3$1@n.ruf.uni-freiburg.de...
>>> Does somebody has experience with IDL 5.4 on a G3 with MacOS 9.1?
>>> On our system it is starting very slow, so we have to wait for more than
>> one
>>> minute after loading.
> It's probably a slow network search.  Try making sure AppleTalk is
> turned off, or paring down the search path.  This slowdown occurs on
> other platforms too.  IDL goes to great length to discover what .pro
> files live on its path at startup.  If searching through some volumes is
> slow, due to a slow or improperly configured network, your startup will
> suffer.
> JD