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Re: Postscript in IDL ..

R.Aspey (raspey@liv.ac.uk) writes:

> I am looking at using IDL to publish some pictures in a
> TeX document. Lets say I have data sets in either
> CSV or tab delimited.
> Can I produce postscript oe EPS files directly and
> if so does anyone have a srcipt they could send me
> with most of the stuff in to save me having to read manuals..
> What is the default data file format used for ascii import using IDL?
> A few things but I dont really want to spend my life
> learning things I may only use once every now and then
> Any comments would be very much appreciated.

I think you need to pay a competent professional to handle 
this for you. But it wouldn't be easy. The documentation
is awful, and they would have to plow through it, too.
Still, I can't imagine tab delimited data taking more than
2-3 minutes. The PostScript output is probably another 30
seconds. You might have to pay as much as $5-$10 to get
this handled. :-(

How about something like this:

   data = FltArr(ofWhatEverSize)
   OpenR, lun, 'mydatafile.txt', /Get_Lun
   ReadF, lun, data
   Free_Lun, lun
   thisDevice = !P.Name
   Set_Plot, "PS"
   Device, /Encapsulated
   Plot, data
   Device, /Close
   Set_Plot, thisDevice

It can be fancier than that. But that's about it.


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