Plasma Magnetohydrodynamics Fall 2018 Reference Page

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Chris Hegna
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MHD equations and validity in hot plasmas; magnetic structure and magnetic flux coordinates; equilibrium in various configurations; stability formulation, energy principle, classification of instabilities; ideal and resistive instability in various configurations, evolution of nonlinear tearing modes; force-free equilibria, helicity, MHD dynamo; experimental applications. Enroll Info: NEEP/ECE/Physics 525 & Physics 721 or ECE 740 or cons inst
Graduate/professional standing
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MW 2:30-3:45pm, 1164 Mechanical Engineering Building
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018 7:25pm to 9:25pm
Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamics, 1st edition by Biskamp Cambridge University Press 1997, ISBN 0521599180
Honors section available
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